Gorilla Tactiks

Friday, November 18, 2005

Words Spoken Tru

streetlm204 (1:59:10 PM): Think about it. You got the fundementals mastered on all levels of animation. Me and mike are flashy with the street shit, ill design cababilities. andre is fresh and clean with character, an ill commercial look and your animation understudy. Night master inks. Dawaud has that soulfulness...I mean what else you want. Your like rza. Me and mike are ghost and rae. Dre is meth. Night is inspecta deck. Dawaud is gza.-Mark D.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Crispus Attucks

Salute Comrades!

When i was in the trenches of the fashion world as a designer for Fetish (eve's line, before it was bought out by Ecko) and Shago ( the short lived bow wow line [hey it was a job])....the politrics were so bullshit, that i quit. Went Awol. My fellow comrades soon followed suit. They all quit leaving their posts. The mutiny left the company assed out with no designers (hence Fetish being bought by Ecko). At a round table as we all feasted and relished in our vanquish of greedy fashionistas, one of my peers told me "Mike, you tossed the 1st stone in the revolution". In keepin with that right there, im at it again. This is a older piece, that i threw together real quick but its worthy of the Movement. Did it for some homeboys back in the bean for real low, but it was fun knah'mean? My twin assassin tells me its not my strongest piece. And i actually agree (lol) F*ck it tho, someone gotta get the ball rolling! So here it begins. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

Miguel Dinero a.k.a Crispus Attucks

Monday, November 14, 2005

Reporting for duty!

At ease

test recognition affirmitive....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Gorilla MOVEMENT has begun

This is just a test, Soldiers at arms.